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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sometimes You Just "Gotta Call A Guy ..."

My husband and I spent the past couple of weekends sawing, chopping, picking up, hauling ... We have pain in our lower backs to prove it!

If you saw my FB page, you saw the debris left by our determination to rid our home of mulberry trees, dead trees/branches and overgrown bushes. It looks like a tornado hit and yes, we have quite a mess to clean up.

On Saturday, I did what I could to keep up with Paul and his newfound love for the gas-powered chain saw. I kept dragging and hauling branches and logs to the "gigantor" (Sam's favorite word) pile of brush "ruining" the view on the east edge of our yard. It was so high, I literally had to throw things to reach the top of the heap.

We just kept going on Sunday and created an even bigger mess. We just stood and stared at our "war-torn" yard with fallen branches everywhere. I kept thinking to myself ... it feels so good to have this done, but where are we going to put it all?!

On Monday, I ended up looking up a service to haul it away. Paul was skeptical about hiring someone, determined that we could burn a little each week and make it disappear. I told him that I had made an executive decision and "called a guy" to come clean it up and haul it away. Listen, there are times in life, when you know you are in over your head and you just have to "call a guy!"

Much like our Christian walk ... there are times when you just have to ask for help and "call THE Guy!" There are things that, as humans, we can't handle on our own and we reach out to the Lord in prayer. If you are facing something today, that you can't handle or feels too large for you to "lift" by yourself. There is no "Guy" bigger than God and He will help you bear those call "THE Guy!"

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