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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stop Talking! Stop Talking? What Does That Look Like?

Another episode of "Father Knows Best...But Sam Thinks He Does..."  Paul was trying to fix Sam's video game and Sam has a habit of spitting out as many words as he can in a short period of time without breathing...he is 5 afterall. The non-stop chatter was starting to grate. As Paul was fixing the game, Sam was "helping!"

Paul finally stopped and looked at him and said, "this would be a lot easier if you would stop talking." Sam looked at him with a puzzled look and responded, "Stop talking...stop talking? How does that work? I can't just STOP talking!"

Contrary to we earthly parents, our Heavenly Father does not weary of conversations with His children. He does not want us to stop talking. He wants us to tell him everything ... our struggles and our praises. He knows and understands every tear and heartbreak and every moment of rejoicing. There are times when we don't feel worthy to bring our petitions to Him, but He "is" grace and mercy.

As parents, there are times when we glaze over and stop listening. God never stops listening and He is in control of every situation...even when the 5 year old won't stop talking. Ah, that God, what a kidder!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shhh....Don't Tell the Children!

Just between us ... my husband and I are secretly keeping a list of all of the things we are going to do when the children are grown and we are invited to THEIR homes. Most people make 'bucket lists' ... we're making "payback" lists. With three children, this should keep us busy well into our retirement years.

You totally know what I am talking about ... things like:
  • door slamming
  • emptying the ice cube tray and putting it back in the freezer ... EMPTY!
  • chocolate pudding splattered all over the counter/walls
  • gum wrappers and other various items in the toilet
  • empty cereal boxes put back in the cupboard
  • cereal and/or candy wrappers on the back of the sofa (and generally strewn about the living room)
  • lounging around while everyone is working and complaining how bored "we" are
  • instead of helping get dinner ON the table ... constantly ask when it will be ready
  • pee on the toilet seat (leaving the seat up at all times ... just in case of an emergency)
  • chocolate pudding smeared across the coffee table
  • yelling from across the house or the yard and expecting an answer
  • texting while others are are trying to talk
  • silverware in the garbage can
  • constantly saying "we" should do this or that when they really mean "you" should do it
  • ... don't forget this one ... "I am too busy ... the universal excuse to get out of anything
  • acting like we have rocks in our heads
You get the idea ... I am guessing if you are a parent, your list would resemble ours quite closely.  Let's put it this way ... the list is becoming quite extensive. "Is he repeatedly falling down up there or constantly re-arranging the furniture?! Does he really need to honk his annoying, little bicycle horn at everyone and everything? (we'll put that one on the payback list for Grandpa Bob and Grandma Sharon)!"

Okay, we haven't actually made an Excel spreadsheet or hunted down a smartphone app for it. Paul and I just look at each other and say, "we're adding it to the list!"

We had the "Lord's Supper" last Sunday. I was praying silently ... "getting things right" with the Lord ... asking forgiveness for "MY LIST."  Oh boy!  What a long list that is!  I am so thankful I can ask for forgiveness and God let's me start anew with a clean "slate." Thankfully, He has "a shorter memory" than we earthly parents. 

While we are sometimes serious about making that list as earthly parents ... in the next moment as godly parents, we remember how much we love and miss them when they are not with us. We are concerned for their well-being. We hurt when they hurt and we rejoice in their happiness.

Isn't that just so reflective of our heavenly Father in His love for us?

I am so glad God isn't into making payback lists for His children. Amen ...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Which One Is My Left?

I have been away from my blog for awhile. Life gets busy with a husband and three children who are out of school.

I posted on my Facebook page a conversation between Paul and our 5-year old, Sam. He told his dad he would retrieve the dishwasher detergent from the pantry and asked if it was on the right or left. His dad responded that it was on the left.  Sam then inquired, "Dad, which one is my left?" 

We were discussing finding treasures in Sunday school last week. There are so many treasures in God's Word. I miss my devotion time. Life has gotten so busy that my Bible reading is pretty much non-existent. Now, I do realize that it is no one's fault but my own and that "God is a busy guy" too.

As I was having this discussion about time and finding time to immerse myself in God's Word, the old saying came to mind ... "Give God what's right, not what's left."

I have been finding ways to make it part of my busy day through online devotions and online Bible websites that I can read on my "smart" phone. God has given us the tools to read His Word no matter where we are or how busy we become. We just have to use them (and keep them out of the spam filter).

I am so thankful for a church family that encourages me and lets me know that I am not the only one struggling to find time with God. And, that we can share tools and resources that help each other grow closer to Him. As you go through your week ... don't give God "what's left."