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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stop Talking! Stop Talking? What Does That Look Like?

Another episode of "Father Knows Best...But Sam Thinks He Does..."  Paul was trying to fix Sam's video game and Sam has a habit of spitting out as many words as he can in a short period of time without breathing...he is 5 afterall. The non-stop chatter was starting to grate. As Paul was fixing the game, Sam was "helping!"

Paul finally stopped and looked at him and said, "this would be a lot easier if you would stop talking." Sam looked at him with a puzzled look and responded, "Stop talking...stop talking? How does that work? I can't just STOP talking!"

Contrary to we earthly parents, our Heavenly Father does not weary of conversations with His children. He does not want us to stop talking. He wants us to tell him everything ... our struggles and our praises. He knows and understands every tear and heartbreak and every moment of rejoicing. There are times when we don't feel worthy to bring our petitions to Him, but He "is" grace and mercy.

As parents, there are times when we glaze over and stop listening. God never stops listening and He is in control of every situation...even when the 5 year old won't stop talking. Ah, that God, what a kidder!!!

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