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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Border Collies Rule!

I've been away from my blog for awhile. Life just seems to consume my time more than it used to. Especially this week...there has been a slight unraveling in the "household fabric." One of the "threads" is missing.

My husband is on a business trip ... he boarded a flight on Tuesday and returns Thursday evening. While he is just away for a few days ... part of me is missing and I just don't do as well without my other half. He is our constant ... the father, the bride groom, an illustration of the Heavenly Father's role in all of our lives.

Right now, I feel like a "border collie" at best ... running in circles trying to move the flock this way and that. There's craziness at work, kids needing to be different places, picked up, dropped off and oh, I can't forget to feed them! There are birthday cakes to be made, pumpkins to be carved, parent-teacher conferences ... oh my! So, in my quest to be super mom this week, I made enough beef stew for an army ... for the three of us that are at home. Yes, the border collie (me) just keeps circling the flock, making sure we are all, at the very least, safe and moving in the same direction (and fed!).

I will say one thing ... in our family and in our lives, it's a good thing there's a shepherd ... THE Shepherd who cares for His sheep much better than I ... the one who laid down His life for His sheep. He keeps reminding me this week to turn "the flock" over to Him and let Him lift the heavy burdens and the worry ... because He can and He will.

I look up to Him and realize that if I turn things over to Him, the "border collie" expends less energy running in circles ... my load becomes lighter and my "way" brighter. Thank you Lord, that the children are in bed, the dishes are done and I can put my feet up and write some thoughts and reflections about You, as the stars come out and the moon shines brightly in the window, again reminding me that you are the Creator. Lord, give me the strength to handle my blessings and thank you, Father, that tomorrow I get to do it all over again!

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