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Monday, April 23, 2012

Standing Up After Being Knocked Down

I'm overdue to write my monthly blog ... for good reason. I just didn't feel like writing. Recently, like many others in my circle of influence, I feel like the "hits" just keep coming. My friend called to tell me she has cancer. It "knocked me down" for a few days. Then, I had to pick myself up and be her encourager ... even when very selfishly I didn't feel like it ... I was having trouble getting past my own sadness. Sometimes, it just "backs up" on you.

My husband's Dad had a stroke awhile ago and is still suffering the effects of it. When Paul visited his Dad a few weeks ago, he found his family still mad at God and wondering "why." Several of us tried to provide "answers" to assist him with family discussions. "Unfortunately, it's the human condition. God didn't MAKE this happen. He did ALLOW it to happen and He will use it for His glory, because He loves us. And, thankfully, because of His mercy, He offers us far better than what we deserve."

Another friend has a neurological disorder with no cure. She used to sing like a bird and play the guitar. Recently, I sat beside her in church and I noticed she wasn't singing or she couldn't. My heart broke knowing that music is her "gift." And, it was an amazing gift. She just leaned over and hugged me and said ... "I love listening to you sing. You're voice has matured so much. I'll just listen to you sing." She sat with her arm around me with her eyes closed, a peace-filled smile on her face, reveling in God's music and the gift of song ... in a new way. So, I sang my heart out for her and the Lord. She still finds joy and rejoicing in music. God is still at work in her.

So, remembering her strength and courage and knowing that God will use this as an opportunity, I look at the long road ahead for my friend with cancer. I can't lose sight of God and His will along the way. I pray daily that I will do the right things for her, say the right things to her and be the witness He called me to be ... making certain that others see His glory through this situation. His "road map" for this particular journey is found in the book of Romans ...

Romans 12:11-12
... be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord; rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation and devoted to prayer. '

I would be grateful if you would please keep these people in your prayers.

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