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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Between the lines!!!

Last week, I had the "honor" of taking my 15-year old stepson, Joe, to get his learner's permit. I sat with the 4-year old and waited patiently at the DMV for him to complete the test. At one point during the test, Joe put his head down on the table. I was thinking to myself, "Uh oh ... not good."  Moments later, he looked at me as if to tell me that he wasn't going to pass.

He did pass the test. I was so proud of him and I treasured the moment that I was so privileged to share with him.

A few miles from home on a county highway, I pulled over at an intersection and Joe looked at me. I told him it was his turn to drive. He sat and blinked at me for a few minutes, and then hurriedly ran around the car and jumped in the driver's seat. He nervously fastened his seat belt, as I intructed him to check his mirrors. After doing so, he determined he was ready. With pride, I let him drive "a distance" for the first time.

As with every new driver, he spent a lot of time "hugging" the shoulder of the highway, especially as cars approached from the other direction. I assured him there was plenty of room between the lines and advised him to looked straight ahead not right in front of the car. I kept "waving" my hand from side to side to "edge" him over back onto the road.

I think that might be how God spends His time ... "waving" us back onto the path He's made for us. He keeps us looking up, out and away to Him ... focused on what He has in store for us. I picture Him smiling contentedly at our obedience and each treasured moment He gets to share with us.

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