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Monday, February 7, 2011

Alive With Color!

Last night, as we watched the Super Bowl, one of the commercials had a kaleidoscope theme. Of course, I don’t remember which brand the commercial was promoting, however the graphics were impressive! Have you looked into a kaleidoscope lately? 

As young children, my brother and I were given kaleidoscopes … a shiny, blue cardboard tube that fit inside a shorter, bright yellow tube. There was rigid, white plastic in one end and a bright, silver cap on the other with a hole in it.

Two excited children peeking inside that dark hole revealed something “magical” … vivid, 3-dimensional colors … bright yellow, fiery red, sky blue, and thousands of other colors. If you turned the short tube in one direction --- the colored fragments shifted and danced into a dynamic flower. A turn in the other direction revealed something unique and amazing…a stained glass window. Holding it up to the light made the vibrant colors even more brilliant and alive! 

Is that how God sees us?  Are we part of “His kaleidoscope?”  The choices we make cause us to “turn one way.”  In that turning and twisting, life may not go as we planned. If we listen to God, make a different choice and turn another way, the result may be totally unexpected, as well.  No matter which “turn” we make, God uses every second of our lives for His glory. Just like the kaleidoscope, when we are held up to His light, we become fully alive!  

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