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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who's the Mature One Here?!

I receive a daily blog in my e-mail at work. Today it was two sentences that said a lot. I am working too hard here! 

Our Sunday School lesson last week was about the minor prophet Hosea. Hmmm. One of our classmates suggested that he should have been a "major prophet" for what God asked him to do (I'll let you look that one up - it's the book next to Daniel). Hosea's life was not easy and God asked him to do something really difficult to prove/illustrate His amazing love for His people. Hosea showed absolute obedience in the face of hardship.

I accepted Christ when I was 9 years old. It has been a lengthy maturity process for this Christian girl. Paul is a newer Christian and just rededicated his life to Christ last year.

When Paul and I were attending marriage prep classes, we discussed where we were in our Christian walks. The pastor asked how that discussion had gone. Paul had no problem admitting that I was farther in my "walk" and that he was "a sponge, just taking it all in." 

Well, guess who the more mature Christian has been this past week?

When we struggle with a situation, Paul has to remind "the mature one" to trust God to "dispense" the "justice and rewards." When others try to tear us down because of their own self-centeredness, he reminds me that God will take care of it, and in the end it doesn't matter as long as we are praying about it and making the right choices.

His "newer" faith has him in a place that is less "comfortable" and more trusting ... while I try to "help" God with the answers. He is in a place of wonder of all that God does in our lives. I am so used to God working, that I sometimes forget to revel in his mercy and grace.

I am learning a lot from my wonderful husband and his trust, obedience and wonder as he demonstrates obedience in his Christian walk. He is genuine in His love for God and is selfless in everything he does.

The real beauty is that he lives his Christian principles everyday and everywhere - at work and at home ... he is in the world, not of the world. What a privilege to be an active participant in his growth as a Christian.

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